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Magnetic Frag Racks - Set of 4


These are new magnetic frag racks that we are offering at a huge discount to get them in the hands of as many reefers as we can. There will only be 50 sets sold at this price. So, if you ever wanted a magnetic frag rack, or think that you might want one in the future, NOW IS THE TIME!

Set of four magnetic frag racks. Frag racks are made from urethane plastic. The holes are 1/2" diameter. The magnets will hold on up to 3/8" glass. Magnets are encased in both epoxy and an acrylic container. Both inside and outside magnets are reef safe!

A: 6.5L x 2D x 3H - 4 Frag Holes
B: 4L x 3.5D x 4H - 3 Frag Holes
C: 9L x 2.5D x 3.5H - 6 Frag Holes
D: 10L x 2.5D x 3.5H - 7 Frag Holes

MSRP: $125.00

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery!

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