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Bonsai Reef Magnetics

NEW! Bonsai Reef Magnetic! Every Bonsai Reef is handmade and unique.

Bonsai Reef Mangetics use super strong rare earth magnets that will hold the frag rack in place and handle a great deal of weight without moving. Both the inside and outside magnet are embedded in a thick coating of epoxy to eliminate corrosion issues. The inside base has a silicone coating to hold it in place. The outside base has a layer of teflon for easy installation and eliminate scratching, even on acrylic.

Shelves are held in place with 3/8" acrylic rod and removable from base. Shelves are interchangeable between branches on the base, as well as with other Bonsai Reef structures. Bonsai Reef branches are made with a black epoxy-based material. The shelves are made with a concrete material and pigmented purple to give them a coralline apperance. The high-calcium concrete material is excellent for coral and coralline growth. The branches are sturdy and can hold quite a bit of weight. Shelves are drilled for frag plugs. 

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